Radiofrequency Microneedling with Astra RF

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What is Radiofrequency (RF) Microneedling?

Astra RF is a minimally invasive electrical device that uses very fine gold plated insulated needles to create micro injury to the skin to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. At the same time Radiofrequency energy is delivered to the dermis without damaging the epidermis and minimising downtime.


What does RF Microneedling do?

Using a head of fine gold plated needles the Astra delivers pulses of radiofrequency instantly heating the dermis which triggers the skin’s natural healing process and stimulates collagen production and skin tightening. Treatment with the Astra RF improves skin texture, tone and density, reduces pore size, softens lines and wrinkles and can reduce acne scarring.


Why does the Skin Benefit from RF Microneedling?

Over time, the levels of collagen in the skin deplete resulting in lines, wrinkles and skin laxity. By stimulating collagen production this treatment can remodel the skin and restore a more youthful appearance.


Downtime – Is there much downtime?

Depending on the health of your skin, and your skin type, downtime can vary from client to client.

·       The majority of clients show noticeable redness on the day of the treatment which recovers in 24 to 48hours; and

·       Some clients have seen a more marked reaction, mostly after their initial treatment, with swelling and redness lasting up to 3-5 days in extreme cases. If this happens you are welcome to return to the salon for an LED treatment which will help with the healing process;

·       Most clients find that the reaction after their first treatment is the most intense with the irreaction time decreasing with each treatment as their skin health improves.

We recommend any RF Microneedling treatment is carried out a minimum of 7 days prior to any social or holiday plans.


Does it Hurt?

We apply a topical anaesthetic to the skin 20-30 minutes prior to your treatment. This numbs the area and makes the treatment more comfortable. You will still feel the microneedling action; however it is not painful.


Who Benefits from RF Microneedling?

All skin types can benefit from this treatment safely and effectively. If you are concerned with any of these skin issues this will help:

·       prematurely ageing skin

·       scarring

·       stretch marks

·       lines and wrinkles

·       lack of skin density


How Many Treatments are Needed?

This varies depending on the individual clients’ needs and the results required. Generally we recommend a course of 4 treatments approximately 4-6 weeks apart.

Improvements will continue over time and optimal results can be seen 2-3 months after your final treatment.

Additional treatments can be done 6 monthly or annually to maintain results.


How Long does the Treatment take?

·       Prior to your first treatment, you will have a thorough skin and health consultation;

·       This is followed by a deep cleanse of the skin;

·       Topical anaesthetic is applied;

·       RF Microneedling is performed;

·       Healing mask is applied;

·       LED healing light treatment is applied

You should allow 2hours for you first treatment, after your first treatment each visit should take approximately 90 minutes.



Your therapist will give you in depth aftercare advice prior to leaving the salon.

I’m Interested but Not Sure – What Should I do Next

Book a consultation online and we can then answer any of your personal questions. Consultations cost €25 which is redeemable against any treatment booked or product purchased on the day.

How Much Does it Cost?

A single treatment costs €400

A course of 4 treatments costs €1,200, saving €400.

Before & Afters

The pictures shown here are genuine before and afters and have not been touched up in any way.