Hand Treatments


  • File, Shape, Buff & Polish €25 
  • File, Buff & French Polish €28 
  • Manicure €35
    Put your hands into our hands! In this manicure your nails will be filed into shape and buffed, cuticles will be tidied and your hands will be massaged and hydrated. Finished off with a nail polish of your choice.
  • Luxury Manicure €55
    “A little piece of Heaven” This manicure is designed to deeply condition and moisturise your hands & skin. This treatment includes shaping and buffing the nails, tidying the cuticles, your lower arms and hands are exfoliated to reveal a  smoother, brighter skin. Nails, cuticles, hands and arms receive a nourishing rehydrating massage leaving your skin feeling softer, smoother and more supply. Your treatment is finished off with a nail polish of your choice.
  • De Luxe manicure €75
    The ultimate treat for you, your hands and your arms! This manicure is an hour of pure pamering. Your therapist will begin your treatment by filing, shaping and buffing the nails, then gently remove any dead, hard cuticle and clean the nail plate. Your lower hands and arms will be treated to an invigorating scrub, followed by a deeply relaxing and nourishing massage.  Sit back and relax while your hands are coated in with parrafin wax. Parafin wax will deeply rehydrate and soothe your skin, it is excellent for boosting poor circulation and fatigue. Your blissful treatment is finished off with a nail polish of your choice.
  • Iconic Beauty Decadent Manicure €95 
  • Mini miss manicure €25
    File Buff & Polish for Under 12’s


  • Shellac polish €35
  • Shellac removed* & reapplied €40
  • Shellac removed* with file, shape, buff & polish €30
  • Shellac removed* with file, shape & buff €20
  • Shellac removed* with manicure €45


  • *When Shellac was not applied in Iconic Beauty add extra €10
  • Add Shellac 2 week polish to any manicure for an extra €20
  • Paraffin Wax treatment €25