Elysion Laser Hair Removal

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Pain Free Laser Hair Removal

At Iconic Beauty, we are thrilled to be the only salon in Dublin offering Elysion Diode Laser hair removal technology. This treatment offers pain free, ultra fast laser hair removal with integrated ‘Crystal Freeze’ cooling technology.

How does Elysion laser hair removal work?

Using a specific wavelength of light that is selectively absorbed by the melanin surrounding the hair follicle, the laser is applied to the skin and the heat is conducted down to the base of the follicle and coagulates or cuts of the blood flow to the follicle. At the same time the Elysion’ cool freeze’ technology cools the skin to protect and avoid any damage to the surrounding skin. The hair will be destroyed and removed permanently and over the next week will fall out leaving the skin hair free and smooth.

Laser hair removal works by means of selective photothermolysis which is based on the selective destruction of the hair follicle, protecting, as much as possible, the surrounding structures: the epidermis and the dermis.

How many treatments are required?

The visible hair will be removed with each treatment. A course of treatments is required as laser hair removal is effective on hairs in the growing stage or visible on the skin. At any one time only 70% of hairs in the skin are dormant and not visible on the surface. Therefor for maximum clearance additional treatments are required for each phase of hair growth.

Elysion’s high power and pain free treatment of Elysion requires less treatments than older IPL or lasers which in some cases required 8-15 treatments. For most people Elysion achieves maximum clearance in just 6 sessions saving you time and money.

Treatments are scheduled 6-8 weeks apart as you wait for the next phase of hair growth to appear on the surface. You will be hair free in between treatments.

The Results:

L-R:Before, After 1 Week, After 1 Month*

* Results may vary from person to person

How does treatment feel?

Most clients find treatment comfortable as Elysion laser system incorporates advanced integrated cooling. Its patented ‘cool freeze’ skin cooling technology keeps the skin at a cool temperature throughout treatment protecting the skin and ensuring a painless tretment . Elysion also has a dynamic mode that is completely painless and can even be used on tanned skin.

Who is suitable for treatment?

Elysion laser can treat all skin types effectively and safely including dark skin types and even tanned skin. We treat both men and women who wish to remove unwanted hair permanently. During your consultation we will ask you to complete a full health questionnaire to identify any contraindications If you suffer from Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) we can treat effectively but you will require ongoing maintenance treatment

Your treatment plan

The first step is to book a free consultation so we can assess your suitability and answer any questions you may have. You will then receive a very clear costing based on area and time taken for treatment. See below for prices. Prior to beginning your treatment course we will perform a test patch to ensure no adverse reactions and you may then book your first treatment after 24 hours.


Laser Hair Removal Price ListStandard PriceCourse of 6
Upper Lip36140
Lip & Chin60245
Jaw Line or Cheeks52200
Full face 130520
Shoulders & back of neck92365
Back & Shoulders150600
Lower back90350
Under Arm60240
Half Arm70280
Under Arm & Basic Bikini110440
Chest & Abdomen150595
Naval Line50200
Basic Bikini Line65260
Extended Bikini Line70280
Californian Bikini Line80320
Brazilian Bikini Line120480
Hollywood Bikini135540
Nipple Area40160
Lower Legs90360
Full Legs175695
Fingers or Toes40150
Full body excl. face4801800
Full body incl. face5002000