minimi – wrap mi up

Minimi Wrap Mi UpMinimi Wrap – €80

Course of 6 – €400

What is Minimi Wrap?
Minimi wrap mi up is a revolutionary body wrap that has took Ireland by storm. This shrinking treatment – named the Minimi Body Wrap targets fat reduction in specific problem areas and improves skin tone and tightness, it also reduces the appearance of cellulite and progresses over three days, so you keep shrinking even after the wrap comes off!

The Main ingredient is an active phospholipid solution, which is pre-blended with essential oils containing a celliute blend. For maximum results a six week course is recommended. There is no need to shower. There is no mess! The solution remains on the skin (for 24hours) and will stay active inside for 3 days. The membrane used is a special type of heat inducing film wrap which is used during the treatment. (NB Wrapture is not cling film or shrink wrap, which infers plastic into the skin)

Karen Hassan, Vogue Mc Fadden and Bronagh Waugh are just some of the celebrities that love it! Bronagh Waugh tweeted

Vogue McFadden having her minimi wrap!

You can read Vogue McFadden’s review here: